Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 34 Project

In the last post I promised more creativity. Here ya go!

90% of people enter my house through the back door. There is a small landing and you either go up to my kitchen or down to my basement. I've been wanting to jazz it up for years, really welcome people into my home... warn them about what they are about to get into. For the longest time I thought I was going to paint black and white horizontal stripes. My kitchen is black and white and I thought it would be a good transition. I must have thought about it for too long because I eventually got bored of the idea.

Well, I saw this wall over on Suzanne's blog and immediately loved it! I had, black, white, yellow and grey paint. I went out in search of a purple to match the Stag's head painting I already had in the hallway and just choose an orange to round out the group. Tapping the horizontal walls took the longest.

For whatever reason I choose to start this project the same week I began loosing the eyesight in my left eye. (I've got optic neuritis. I can basically only discern light and movement in that eye at the moment.We don't know what caused it. I'm still seeing doctors. I'm getting by, but I gotta tell ya make-up application has been a b!&%h) So anyway, that made attempting plumb lines on a staircase quite the adventure. My balance is a bit off, so I had my dad help with tapping the most precarious edges.

Once the lines were up the fun began! Painting "random" patterns took a lot of planning. Ha! My bother is an entire foot taller than me. So he was recruited to paint the top bit behind the painting. I promised him it would take 10mins. But then he walked in the door and suggested a color change (He was totally right!) He had to stay for about an hour putting on three coats of that purple. I love the way it turned out!

Back Staircase Paint Project, Done!

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